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With the increasing use of the internet, online marketing has also risen and proves to be the best way to promote any website, product, or services.

See how can Context Read - a content writing company help your business?


Customer Engagement

Engaging any customer while they land on your website is one of the biggest tasks, and thus content plays an important role and is the backbone of any website.

Quality that’s Affordable

Whether you are a start-up or have a pre-settled business, we know that you won't compromise with your website's quality just for the sake of any affordable content writing agencies in Bangalore.

Enhance brand awareness

Context read is one of the pre-eminent & renowned content writing company in Bangalore, aims to give your content a voice, to enhance brand awareness, and make others know about your brand.

Best Content Assured

At Context read, we won't compromise with our quality of the content at any cost and therefore are known for providing the best content writing services in Bangalore.


Many people are having a misconception that content writing is only about writing a piece of work and deliver to the clients. No, this is only a misconception.


We, as content writers in Bangalore, are not just for writing for your website, but we are here for you to engage your customer to the website with our piece of work.


Therefore, a content writing company is a dominant part of any business to make their story a brand and to have an online presence.


We are having experts specialize in providing quality and relevant content that will help your business to drive organic traffic to your website and also helps you to generate high revenue for your online business.

Why do businesses need to choose content writing companies in Bangalore?

So we as, one of the best content development companies in bangalore, takes the pleasure to clear all your doubts and will give you the reason to choose our services.

We are having a team of content writers who will write content from customer perspectives to attract readership as the target audience to increase sales and conversions. Google and other search engines hate plagiarised content. So our content writers will produce high-quality seo optimized original content related to the business verticals. We will check the content quality with Copyscape premium to ensure the content is plagiarism free. We use the Grammarly tool to measure sentence construction, spelling errors and other sense of grammars. Our content writers use the word density checker tool to keep the word count to 3% to 5 % to avoid repetitive keywords. Our professional content writers will use Yoast premium to measure the readability score other rankings metrics. Our contents are optimized for artificial intelligence such as Cortana optimized, Alexa optimized, Google optimized and Siri optimized. Our team not only creating content but also provide images, videos, page design and development. So we as, one of the best content development companies in bangalore, takes the pleasure to clear all your doubts and will give you the reason to choose our services.

Generate informative and engaging content

Creating the right content at the right time will give a great shot for any website. Our content writers in Bangalore create content that will engage the customer and drive more traffic towards your website. As one of the top content writing companies in Bangalore, we are known for drafting customized content, thus, our experts are well versed and are having a good idea about your niche and will provide content that revolves around your niche.

Saves your time

By hiring our content writing agency in Bangalore, you can save your valuable time, and you can utilize that time in curating new ideas for your business plan. To generate content requires lots of time and effort, and by hiring services, you take the benefit of their efforts & time for your website and thus save your business time.

SEO Friendly Content

In the online world, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays an essential role in ranking websites higher in the search engine result page (SERP). The experts know the latest online trends and algorithms of the search engine and create their content accordingly so that they can help you in positioning your website.

Lower Cost

We know, that you are searching for quality services but when we search for any service, undoubtedly we search for the affordable one as well. Therefore, by hiring writing services, you will only have to pay them, the cost for the work you are getting. However, if you recruit any in house writer, you have to pay them salaries, arrange working space, their management costs, and the other miscellaneous expenses. Thus by hiring services, you can save that money and invest that money for the growth of your business.

On-Time Content

Our content writers in bangalore are highly professional, you will get your work done in the given time frame without any delay and, you won't have to wait for long to get your piece of work.

ContextRead : Writing Services your business needs!

Article writing

Articles are special writings that target a large audience. With our writing services, you can target the right group of audience with your topic of interest.

Whitepaper writing

Whitepaper writing services include an in-depth guide or report writing on specific topics. With our Whitepaper writings, we educate our readers about the whereabouts of your brand.

Blog writing

Working on a variety of topics, our writers have a deep understanding of blogging. Readers search our blogs even after a year of publication.


Our Copywriting services target the best industry-based advertising techniques. We aim to increase awareness for your brand through error-free content.

Social media content

Social media platforms can make your brand popular if you know the right strategies. With ContextRead Social media content services, we aim at the right community that welcomes your brand with generous sales.

Website content

If coding is the frame of a website, then content is the picture. We follow the inverted pyramid model of website content writing that benefits your business in the long run.

Company profile

An ideal Company Profile is how you introduce your brand to the world. We aim to convince them about your services creatively with a corporate touch to business.


If you are wondering about publishing a newsletter with high-quality writing, you are at the right place. We have experienced writers to list down everything on the pages of your newsletter.

E-Book writing

Choosing the right topic for an e-book is important. We design e-books following a specific outline that is easy to read and understand. Hire ContextRead writers to design yours!

Product descriptions

How would you describe your product to the audience? With all details and good words? Our product descriptions are compelling to the ecommerce world. Get in touch for a better description!


Are you searching for a fast-working writing team to finish your work on time? You are at the right place. ContextRead writers are fast in research and writing services for you.


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content writing company in Bangalore
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B2B Content

Make an impact with Crisp, Clutterfree and Contagious Content.

In today's market, it is vital to showcase your product or service to the best of your ability.

ContextRead caters to B2B content requirements across Tech, Non Tech, Emerging Tech sectors across 12+ industries. Gain an advantage over your competitors by building your brand identity and enhanced visibility with great content.

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B2C Content

Great content can get undivided attention of your customers!

It is vital to gain visibility and build credibility with your target audience to get a better ROI for your brand.

ContextRead enables you to better your outreach with the help of our wide range of content services, with smart and memorable hooks.

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What are the latest trends in 2021 content writing?

Content writing is changing like the wind, just like any other industry. So it's hard to stay on what thing will work and what doesn't. Below given are, some of the trend that we're seeing:

  • Voice Search
  • With the development in technology, voice search has taken the place of written search. That means it becomes more convenient for people to ask Google or search engine a query through the Smartphone and most of the people prefer to use the same daily.

  • Long-Form content
  • There is one trend that you notice while you visit any website of any niche that is long-form content. Long-form content like 2000, 3000 or more words continues to rise in popularity and thus allows marketers to rank for more keywords, hence, enhance the websites organic traffic amount.

  • Custom Content
  • As we know, not every strategy works for every niche. Thus, for any content marketing strategy to be successful, it is important to keep buyers persona (like their interests, strengths, weaknesses, and demographics) in mind.

  • Podcasts
  • By the year is passing the number of podcast listeners, is increasing. The reason behind this is, the podcast is convenient, and you can listen to it while doing anything like driving, studying, working, cooking, etc. You can also upload podcast episodes to your website, YouTube, Google Play, and podcast platforms such as Blubry or Buzzsprout.

  • Videos
  • Videos are another most enjoyed forms of content on the internet and are most likely to rank in the search engine than a written form of content.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • We all very well know that automation is the future. AI is a machine that can solve multiple problems and behaves as a human would.

  • Chat bots
  • It is a live chat process where you can promote your content after sometime when the user gets engaged with chat. Thus, by the use of chat bots, you can funnel users towards a lead magnet.

What are the qualifications of your content writers?

Our writers belong to diverse backgrounds with two things in common that is talent and flair for writing. Our team of experts specialized in the various niche so dedicated resources can be assigned to each project. Also, they are native, having perfect grammar, spelling, and command over the language.

What is your approach to a project?

Once we receive your query for our services, from that moment, we consider that project as our own. We will get in touch with you and discuss your need related to the project. We will learn the objective of hiring, our services, understand your target audience, the place where you want to publish your content, and the deadline in which you want us to deliver your project. After analyzing your needs, we assign your project to our content writer, who has in-depth knowledge about your domain. Our writer then writes a draft to check that the write-ups meet your requirement like style specifications, tone, etc. Once you are satisfied with the same, the writer proceeds to complete the assigned project.

What are the benefits of content writing?

  1. Increase your readership
  2. Attract the target audience
  3. Improve your website's rankings
  4. Increase organic traffic
  5. Builds Credibility and Authority
  6. Saves you from spending a fortune
  7. Natural link generating content
  8. Boosts Conversions
  9. Increased ROI

Is content writing a good career?

There is a great demand for writers in the field of business and marketing, but their career stability depends on the level of expertise. Based on the skills and performance, you earn a lot of money and also you can work remotely.

What are the types of content writing service that you are providing?

Below is the full breakdown of the content writing services Context Read provides:

SEO Friendly Website Contents Case Studies Sales Letters
Newsletters Software Manuals Infographic Resume / CV
Copywriting Mailers Infographics Creation
Proposals Advertisement Scripts Presentation & Seminar Materials
White Papers Slogans / Captions Video Scripts
SEO friendly Articles Project Reports Linkedin Resume Writing
Ghostwriting Corporate Video Scripts Effective Copy Writing
Profile Contents Press Releases Product Descriptions
Travel Blog Writing Speech Content YouTube Scripts
Academic writing Technical Writings Rewriting
Brochure Writing SEO Friendly Blogs Business Letters
Concept Writing Metadata Description Voice Over
Branding Guides & Strategies Personal Profile/CV Editing and Proofreading
E-magazine Contents Social Media Contents Data Mining
Ezine Article Writing Language Translation Fashion Article Writing
SEO Article Writing Technical Article Informative Article
Website Blogs Guest Blogs Business Blogs
Product Review Tech Oriented Content Business Proposal Writing
Product Description News Post Writing Press Release Writing
Social Media Post Facebook Post Writing Twitter Post
LinkedIn Business Content Instagram Content Strategy YouTube Video Description
Quora Post Writing Classified AD Post Creative Writing Services
Image Content Tagline & Banner Text Video Description
Resume and Cover Letter Rewriting Rephrase
Editing Proofreading Ebook writing
Voice Optimized Content Siri Optimized Content Alexa Optimized Content
Google Optimized Content Cortana Optimized Content AI Based Content

Will the content be original?

Context read is a reliable content writing service known for providing high quality and 100% plagiarized free content. Thus, our writers have a unique voice for creating content.

Will the content be SEO friendly?

We create content by keeping SEO in mind, but at no cost, we sacrifice our content quality, readability, and value to your users. We generate SEO friendly content and help you to drive traffic with our content writing services.

Do you check contents on Copyscape or other related software?

Yes, we do check all our contents, through the Copyscape premium account, and also, we do proofreading to check grammatical accuracy. All the contents that we create delivered through the editorial staff.

How can I submit my revision request?

You can submit your revision request through email. We will try our best to edit content according to your need and to fulfill your requirement.

What type of package should I choose?

To better fulfill your requirements, we categorize our services into three packages- basic, enterprise, and premium. You can choose the one as per your requirements. We consider your project as our own, therefore, we give equal importance & attention to every project.

What is your content writing process?

content strategy

Planning is the first and foremost step that is equally important as that of execution. If you don't plan carefully, you will undoubtedly lose control. Thus, we start every project with planning so that we will get a vague idea about the keywords for the project, the length & format, i.e., Article, training program, E-book, Blog, etc.

research and collects

To keep the content fresh and innovative, after having a fair idea about the project, we research more and more about the same. Our main aim of intense research is to compile an ample amount of information as possible and to make data-driven decisions. When we start working with any company, we collect information related to Target demographics, Key competitors, Past site performance, Site goals, and other information like brand voice, marketing goals, expectations, etc.


The structure is one of the vital components of high-ranking and high-quality content. It is essential to pay attention to the human readable content structure to avoid the chance of losing organic search visibility. Therefore, it is always better to understand the topic structure, even before start writing on a project which, will make the process much easier and more productive.

writing & editing

This step is pretty much self-explanatory. When we write our content, our focus is to make content readable so that people will enjoy the content first and foremost. Thus, before writing, we put ourselves in the reader's shoes, to create high-quality content that satisfies search intent, and that will entice the reader to share content.

We make substantial changes to our initial draft so that our finished product will become smoothly readable and follow a logical progression. No one wants to read any content which has errors. Thus, we edit our content nicely to deliver value to leave a positive impact on the minds of our audience.

Testing & distribution

Content testing is also called Usability testing. For us, it is very vital to know that the content is appropriate for the audience or not? Can users read and understand the way you have written? So we test that the content delivers the same value as you want to. Once the above process gets completed, if needed our content writers will further optimize the content otherwise publish our article to conquer the online world with our content marketing services.