Content is king


This quote - CONTENT IS KING was taken mainly from the essay written by Microsoft founder Bill Gates (Chaffey, 2016). With this essay, he depicted the prospect of the internet as a huge market for content. This phrase is highly utilized because of the high focus on content marketing strategies. Content marketing is a marketing approach which focuses on the interest of the viewers to the webpage for the quality content rather than advertisements. This is imperative to understand that nowadays the users do not pay any attention to the everyday set of advertisements on the web pages. This is also termed as banner blindness therefore the organizations have to create content that provides value to the visitors. This content helps the organization build positive perceptions among the public. Content marketing strategies help to enhance brand awareness and improve the ranking among the search engines.

Content marketing is an eminent concept in the field of digital marketing still it became much more significant in present times than ever before. Content is the king and it is a noteworthy ingredient of each of the digital marketing strategies. It cannot be stated that one size fits all since the creation of content must be in a unique manner which is helpful, valuable and appealing for the customers. The businesses can deliver content by using videos, images, text, surveys, podcasts, infographics and webinars. Whatever might be the chosen content medium, it is significant that it is shareable and relevant to the industry.

Why is content considered as the king?

  1. It is useful for SEO
  2. The SEO gets benefited from the non-duplicated and high-quality content on the onsite block of the brand. The blog gets a first-class rank on the search engines owing to the unique content. Whenever there is a unique content published constantly with 300 to 500 words and is connected to other relevant content, then there is a natural placement of keywords. This helps the website to get great ranking. When there is higher ranking then the brand gets exposure to more number of digital customers looking for content in the particular industry. When there is consistent publishing of good content then it is created with bringing of opportunities for the creation of a glowing backlink profile.

  3. It boosts engagement
  4. A great content, either form blogs or social media updates, will encourage users in engaging with the brand. In case the content is genuinely great, the users will take a halt to consume the content, appreciate the brand message and comment, like or share it with others. The uninteresting content gets ignored and goes into the black hole of cyberspace. For further engagement and encouraging relations with the customers by content marketing, the content needs push on social media channels and sharing must be made easy. It is useful for building an engaged and interested audience (Odongo, 2016). The content is as valuable as the capacity to attract an audience and compel them to engage with the organization constantly.

  5. It is useful to generate new leads and sales
  6. In saturated markets, brands can generate awareness through high-quality content. Good content does not advertise for sales, rather it improves engagement with the brand. There is no straightforward message for sales therefore engagement is not disturbed. The product-oriented content can harm the relation amongst the brand and the consumers. A great editorial encourages the relation because the consumer is changed to our customer and then into a brand advocate.

  7. It adds value to the goods and services
  8. The consumers find content to be useful, if it has the capacity of solving their daily lives or teaching them something new. Though the content does not have any tangible value for a direct financial world still it is highly useful for the business model and relation among the brand and the consumers (Ashley and Tuten, 2014). The value can be added by the content which educates the consumers regarding the offerings.

  9. It enhances traffic
  10. The SEO requires high quality, unique and original content. It is a great approach for driving traffic to the webpage and it keeps the consumer on the website for a longer time. For instance, there will be quiet a higher bounce rate with the web page which only has a contact page and homepage. This kind of page has less engagement with limited views. The webpage, which has got a lot of engaging content, would impress the user and they will be encouraged to interact with the webpage and visit numerous regions.

Content marketing differs from traditional product marketing (Jarvinen and Taiminen, 2016). Content marketing involves things such as videos, educational articles, entertainment, e-books and webinars that give a response to particular questions of people. It provides unique information that the users cannot get from anywhere else. Therefore content marketing is a great approach for turning the product into a unique offering for the customers.

Businesses can be discovered by the right audience and get loyal customers by being an authoritative and dependable source on significant topics for potential customers. This way the content marketing helps the brand to strengthen customer relations, grow active and engage clientele and enhance profits as well. To be successful with content marketing, other than high-quality content, a strategic technique is useful (Wilcock, 2017). A content approach can be segregated into the subsequent steps: objective setting, content auditing, planning, creating and publishing and sharing.

People ask questions and search for information by various search engines like Google and the organizations wish their businesses to be on the top of those search results. The businesses can achieve this by answering queries of people through e-books, videos, blog posts, and different content assets.

One great example of the use of content marketing in an effective way is the outdoor retailer REI. This organization answers the queries and concerns by content. The YouTube channel of the business provides numerous videos as per the interest and needs of the audience. The responses to common queries are provided through the YouTube channel. The videos can be used by a different set of customers like any cyclist who wants to know about fixing up a bicycle chain or any traveller who wishes to understand the use of a compass.


The phrase "content is king" is highly utilized along with content marketing and SEO. It means that exclusive, high-class, interesting and relevant content adds considerably to the accomplishment of firms on the internet. So, firms must mainly think of great content before taking up additional ways in their search engine optimization (SEO) scheme. In content marketing, the excellence of the content presented will decide the level of success of the firm.

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